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Starch drying machine is suitable for various kinds of starch dry, also applies to all potato starch, corn starch, wheat starch, drying, can also be used for drying other low-temperature quick drying heat sensitive powder or flake materials.

Working principle:
Starch drying equipment consists of the feeding machine, fan, a drying tube, pulse device, cyclone separator, wind closing device, an electric control cabinet etc..
Starch drying equipment when it is working, wet starch and hot air in the traction fan simultaneously into the drying tube, full contact heat exchange between each other, so that the starch drying, and finally by the cyclone separation of dry starch and moisture. Main characteristics: starch drying machine feeding machine equipped with a stirring device, can be wet, wet starch even caking disintegration, to facilitate drying; drying intensity big, a few minutes can be wet starch drying; material is loose powder, can be directly packaging; mining manufacturing quality stainless steel, meet the requirements of food hygiene.

Equipment characteristics:
1. Dry strength, equipment investment, evaporation capacity;
2. Short drying time, suitable for heat sensitive materials, finished products do not contact with the outside world, no pollution, good quality:
3. Complete sets of equipment, the heat source can choose steam heating or supporting the use of coal, fuel, gas hot blast stove etc.

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