Rotary Drum DryerRotary Drum Dryer

Rotary drum dryer is also known as drum drying equipment or drum type drying machine, a drying machine equipment and mining equipment in the most common and widespread application. Suitable for dry metal and non metal drum dryer is a mineral magnetic, heavy, floating concentrate and cement clay and coal industry coal etc.. It is characterized by high productivity, easy to operate. Rotary dryer cylinder is a horizontal rotating cylinder, the front to rear welding different kinds of copy board staggered angle different, in different types of rotary kiln refractory brick according to the demand of embedded, in a feed end to prevent dumping a door ring and spiral copy board. With reasonable structure, well made, high output, low energy consumption, easy operation etc..
Working principle:
Dry wet materials by belt conveyor or a bucket elevator to the hopper, and the feed hopper through the feeding pipe into the feed end. Feeding pipeline rake angle than the natural material, so that the smooth flow of material dryer. Dryer cylinder is a horizontal rotating cylinder slightly into the tilt. Material from high end to join, heat carrier by the low-end entry, and materials into countercurrent contact with a heat carrier, and the material together and flow into the cylinder. With the rotating end materials run by gravity to the lower cylinder. Wet material in the cylinder body to move forward in the process, directly or indirectly by heat body heat, make the wet material to dry, and then in the discharge end of the screw conveyor belt machine or send. Copy board in the inner wall of the barrel body is provided, it is the function of the material copied up and then, the materials and the contact surface increases airflow, to improve the drying rate and promote material progress. Heat carrier are generally divided into hot air, flue gas. Heat carrier by the dryer, the general need of cyclone dust collector in the gas with material collected. For further reduction of exhaust gas dust content, but also through the bag type dust remover and wet dust emissions after the release
1. Use drying machine multiple combination type lifter device I designed the production system for technological innovation in many aspects in the winnowing, new combined winnowing device uses, to overcome the traditional drying machine "wind tunnel" phenomenon, high thermal efficiency, reduce coal consumption of about 20%;
2. Is applicable to a variety of combustion furnace: high boiling furnace, pulverized coal powder furnace and artificial coal stove;
3. The transmission gears can be replaced by the pin gear, replacing the traditional cast steel gear, saving the cost of investment, but also reduce the repair costs and time;
4. Centralized control system, can realize the large enterprise microcomputer central monitoring management;
5. Greater production capacity, continuous operation;
6. Has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation;
7. Less failure, low cost of repair;
8. Wide application range, can be used for dry granular materials, the adhesion of the material is also very good;
9. Flexible operation, large fluctuation range of production permit production, will not affect the quality of the products;
10. Easy cleaning.

Technical Parameter:
Specifications(m) Capacity(t/h) Main motor Main Reducer Weight(t)
Power(kw) Model Model Speed ratio
Ф1 × 10M 0.5-1 5.5 Y132M2-6 ZL400- Ⅱ 25 10.5
Φ1.2×10m 1-2 7.5 Y160M-6 ZL500-I 25 13.5
Φ1.5×12m 2-5 11 Y160L-6 JZQ500-Ⅲ 25 18.9
Φ1.5×15m 4-6 15 Y180L-6 JZQ500-Ⅲ 25 21
Φ1.8×12m 5-8 18.5 Y200L1-6 ZQ50-16Ⅱ 16.46 22.83
Φ2.2×12m 6-10 18.5 Y200L1-6 JZQ650-Ⅲ 31.5 37.6
Φ2.2×14m 7-12 18.5 Y200L1-6 JZQ650-Ⅲ 31.5 40
Φ2.2×16m 9-14 30 Y225M-6 JZQ750-Ⅲ 31.5 45
Φ2.4×14m 10-16 30 Y250M-6 JZQ750-Ⅲ 31.5 51
Φ2.4×18m 12-18 37 Y250M-6 ZL85-13-I 27.16 54
Φ2.4×20m 14-22 37 Y250N-6 ZL85-13-I 27.16 54.14
Φ3×20m 16-25 55 Y250M-4 ZL100-16-I 41.52 78
Φ3×25m 32-36 75 YR280M-4 ZL100-16-I 41.52 104.9

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